Marine Electronic Technologist (EL) Development Program MELDEV

The training program

The Marine Electronic Development (MELDEV) training program is a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) national training and development program designed to recruit Electronics Technologists and provide training required to bring them to the working level. It is a three-year training program that takes participants through hands-on and theoretical instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will immediately hold a full-time position with the Canadian Coast Guard.

The minimum 27 month training program consists of orientation, training and development tools along with other required training. The training is done through Marine Communication and Traffic Services centres as well as at the Canadian Coast Guard College.

Work Environment

Most Electronics Technologists work for the Canadian Coast Guard's Integrated Technical Services (ITS) Directorate. This team of dynamic, skilled professionals provide technical support to Marine Communications and Traffic Services, Aids to Navigation, and a diverse and multi-purpose fleet. The fleet consists of icebreakers, bouy tenders, search and rescue vessels, hovercrafts and vessels for scientific research and the Canadian Hydrographic Service stationed across Canada.

Regions of work

Our team provides essential technological support services to ensure safe and effective marine transportation as well as environmental protection. We are based in several service centres located throughout Canada.


Through their work, our maintenance specialists acquire broad expertise while meeting a number of challenges, such as:

  • Maintenance and repair of radio communication systems, electronic navigation equipment and computer systems and networks, including:
    • Ship and harbour radars;
    • Gyrocompasses;
    • Ultrasonic depth finders;
    • Satellite positioning equipment;
    • Satellite communicators;
    • MF-HF-VHF-UHF radio telecommunications equipment;
    • Communication control systems; and,
    • PBX telephone exchanges.
  • Inspection of radio stations on board commercial and government vessels.

Join the Team

To join the Canadian Coast Guard team as an electronics technologist , you must first particpate in selection process. Minimal requirements to apply for the selection process are : Successful completion of secondary school; and a diploma in electronic technology.

How to Apply

Federal government positions open to the public are published on the Internet site of the Public Service Commission (PSC). Job listings are also available by telephone through InfoTel service at the toll-free number 1-800-645-5605. Recruitment opportunities will be posted as the need arises through out the year. It is highly recommended that you check this site on a regular basis.

Applications must be sent directly to the PSC to be considered. As the Public Service of Canada promotes employment equity, we also encourage candidates to voluntarily self-identify if they are women, Aboriginal people, members of visible minority group or persons with a disability.