CCG Fleet: Vessel Details


Edward Cornwallis 5 (5x7)

Official Number: 807037

Call Sign: CGJV

General Operation

Vessel Type: High Endurance Multi-Tasked Vessel

Port of Registry: Ottawa, Ontario

Home Region: Atlantic Region

Home Port: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Vessel Status: Active

Crewing Regime

Complement: 25

Officers: 10

Crew: 15

Berths Available: 9

Crewing Regime: Layday


Ice Class: Arctic Class 2

Class of Voyage: Unlimited - beyond 2000nm


IMO: 8320470

Construction Details

Builder: Marine Industries Ltee., Tracy, Quebec

Build Material: Steel

Owner: Canadian Coast Guard

Year Launched: 1986

Year in Service: 1986

Vessel Specifications

Length: 83.0 m (Metres)

Breadth: 16.2 m (Metres)

Draft: 5.8 m (Metres)

Freeboard: 1.7 m (Metres)

Gross Tonnage: 3727.2 t (Tons)

Net Tonnage: 1503.0 t (Tons)

Cruising Range: 6500 nm (Nautical Miles)

Endurance: 120 d (Days)

Cruising Speed: 13.7 kts (Knots)

Maximum Speed: 16.0 kts (Knots)

Fresh Water: 112.30 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Fuel Capacity: 783.70 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Fuel Consumption: 6.60 m3/d (Cubic Metres)

Helicopter Facilities

Helicopter Capacity: 1

Type(s): MBB Bo105, Bell 206L

Flight Deck: Yes

Area: 130.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Hangar: Yes

Area: 65.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Storage: Yes

Fuel: 22.9 m3 (Cubic Metres)


Propulsion: Diesel Electric AC/AC

Main Engines: 

(3) x Alco 251F

Power: 5250kw (KiloWatts)

Propellers: (2) x Fixed Pitch

Bow thrusters: Yes

Stern thrusters: No

Emergency Generator: (1) x Caterpillar 3306


(1) x Caterpillar 3508

Scientific Equipment This vessel is not equipped with dedicated Scientific Equipment
Holds and Deck Space

Hold #1: 840.0 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Hatch Size:  5.5 x 5.0

Main Deck: 210.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Boat Deck: 168.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Forcastle: 78.0 m2 (Square Metres)

After Deck: 133.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Container Capacity

Focsle: 2

Deck Equipment

Main Hoist:  Speedcrane

SWL: 14.0 t (Tons)

Crane #1:  HIAB Seacrane

SWL: 0.0 t (Tons)

Crane #2:  HIAB Seacrane

SWL: 0.0 t (Tons)

Towing Equipment: Winch

Bollard Pull: 0.0 t (Tons)

Workboat #1: RHIB

Launcher:  Miranda Davit

Workboat #2: SP Barge

Launcher:  Standard Davit

Comms and Navigation Equipment


(2) x Icom IC-A110


(2) x Sailor C403


(1) x Motorola Micom-X
(1) x Sailor RE-2100 SSBHF


(1) x Nera Saturn BM Inmarsat
(1) x Sailor SC4000 Iridium

Weather Fax: 

(1) x Furuno Fax 207


(2) x Sperry Navigat 3000


Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E - X Band
Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E - S Band
Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E - X Band

Electronic Charts: 

(1) x ICAN Aldebaran II

Auto Pilot: 

(2) x Comnav 2001

Speed Logs: 

(8) x Sperry Marine SRD-331


(2) x SAAB R4 (AIS)


(1) x OAR Cubic 320

Depth Sounders: 

(1) x Elac LAZ-72
(1) x Skipper GDS 101
Vessel Images
Other Images
Edward Cornwallis 4 (5x7)
Edward Cornwallis 6 (5x7)
Edward Cornwallis 2 (5x7) - bow
Additional Information

Vessel Accomplishments: Not Applicable

Biographical Information: The Honourable Lieutenant General Edward Cornwallis (1713-1776). Born in London, England Cornwallis was a British military officer who, with 2500 settlers, founded the city of Halifax in the mid-18th century. During that time period, Cornwallis also served as the Governor of Nova Scotia. Later, he would become the Governor of Gibraltar during the Seven Years War. The current vessel is the second Coast Guard Ship to bear the name; the first was built in 1949.

Modernization Information: Not Applicable