Text Description - ICS Structure Image

The ICS model has a reporting structure led by an Incident Commander. The Incident Commander has seven direct reports, that include four section heads plus a public information officer, a safety officer, and a liaison officer. Under the Operations Section, there are two branches: one general branches section and one air ops branch. Under the general branches section, there are divisions and groups. Under the divisions, there is a strike team, a task force, and a single resource.

Under the planning section, there are four areas: the resource unit, the demobilization unit, the situation unit, and the documents unit.

Under the Logistics Section, there are two branches: the service branch and the support branch. Under the service branch, there is the communications unit, the medical unit and the food unit. Under the support branch, there is the supply unit, the facilities unit and the ground support unit.

Finally, under the Finance/Administration Section, there is a time unit, a compensation claims unit, a cost unit and a procurement unit.